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Well Fed 2

First of all, my cookbook collection is growing ridiculously big. So, I have decided to start doing reviews of the cookbooks, and first up, is my hands-down most used cookbook- Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for People who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan.


When I first started eating paleo, I didn’t branch out and try new food AT ALL. I ate  almond flour chicken nuggets, Applegate Organic hot dogs, and frozen vegetables for like, 5 meals a week. Even with my budding cookbook collection, I still rarely used the cookbooks for much besides SAD-made-paleo food.


With Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for People who Love to Eat, that all changed.

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Strawberries with Banana Cream


One of the major things you should learn is that I often think of great ideas too late for implementation. Like this mess up there. I really wanted to make strawberries with coconut whipped cream, so I bought the ingredients, stuck the coconut milk in the fridge, and then looked up Against All Grain’s recipe.

I knew I didn’t have overnight to let the milk separate, so I left it in for three hours, and created this messy looking and delicious masterpiece.

Half can of coconut milk (I used Native Forest’s classic).
One TBSP honey
One banana (mashed)

1. Blend everything together
2. Stick in freezer
3. Blend just before serving

1. Longer it stays in the fridge, the more ice-creamy it will be, and less liquid.

All and all, this was a great additional to the strawberries, and it made plenty (four big bowls of strawberries). I’m glad that my failure to think ahead really worked for this one, and it is great for when you fail to plan ahead as well.

Saturday Night Cook-Off

Good afternoon, fellow nomnivores! Started my Saturday with a fantastic partner WOD (or workout of the day, for you non-crossfit folks), and left me rearing to get my butt in gear for the day.

After stopping at our local health shop, where I picked up some Artisana coconut butter, chocolate almond butter (!), some Tapioca Flour and a bag of Hail Merry’s, I met my fiance at our Wegman’s to pick up the rest of my grocery list.

needed to stock up on essentialsNow, at this point, I assumed I was good to go with this week’s purchases. I picked up some crushed pineapple, some larabars for emergencies, bacon, some Kerrygold butter (which I just discovered Wegman’s even sold), nectarines, some mixed beans and carrots, and then organic ground chicken and beef as well as regular ground pork and some organic chicken thighs, and more as you can clearly see above.

today's cookbook stackI had picked out four recipes to make for the week: paleomg’s Savory Sweet Potato Meatloaf from her book, Paleomg!, Heathbent’s Thai Chili Meatballs & Sausage and Eggs to Go from Primal Cravings, and lastly, Sarah Fragoso’s Better Butter Chicken from Everyday Paleo.

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